Monday, July 30, 2012

London, July 29th

Riding the rail system here is fairly easy, we have our route figured out to the Olympic park and to Trafalgar Square where Canada House is. We were there last night watching finals. Brittany MacLean had an awesome swim in prelims, new Canadian record, she was up against the veterans and swam her heart out in the finals.
Can you believe a swim-off in the Olympics! Well, Tera Van Beilen swam well against the Jamaican in the 100m breast swim-off, but was edged out to 9th spot,  also Julia Wilkinson came 9th in her 100 back. Good job as well to Blake Worsley, Sinead Russel, Charles Francis, Jillian Tyler, Brent Hayden, Collin Russell, Richard Hortness and Thomas Gossland.

We have been out and about to see a few sights here.If you are wondering what that shape is in one of the pictures we posted, it is called the Orbit. It is a sculpture in Olympic Park, you can walk up the stairs for a view, we will try that when we get back into the park to see prelims tomorrow. Finn and I went onto the London Eye on Friday, great view from up there, no line ups either.

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