Thursday, August 12, 2010

Neil and Jeremy arrive in Singapore for the Youth Olympic Games

Update from Neil August 11

The travel over was straight forward, though we had to scramble to get aisle and bulkhead seats for some of the group. In Hong Kong, I had the group do a 5 minute jog around the airport and then 10 minutes of activation work. We didn't draw a crowd but there were a few lookers.

Arrival in Singapore was laced with anticipation, especially for Jeremy. He has visited here on many occasions but this was different. A small but cheerful welcoming committee made up of family members greeted him with flowers and hugs.

The athlete village is quite nice as is most of Singapore. It is a sprawling campus with many, many stairs and no straight lines. The food is good but basic. The number of athletes is huge. There are so many countries represented here it is amazing. I have not counted but I believe there are over 100 countries here. Not that many in the swim meet but still, it is impressive.

The pool is the same one the Canadian Olympic team trained in prior ot the 2008 games. Very nice.

The transportation is quite good with large buses taking us around on schedule. There are dedicated lanes on the highways and it appears that most of Singapore (population 5+ million) wildly supports the games.

The meet starts in 3 days and the group looks good. We are just getting over the travel and jet lag etc.


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