Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 3-Prelims

Today we had 100 breast, 200 fly, 50 free and 800 free. It started off fairly slowly with no one making finals through the breast and fly...during which time Cindy and Neil decided we would give the kids the night off and we wouldn't have them return tonight. Then came the 50 free!!! Out of nowhere, along came Maddie, she swam a best time and grabbed the last spot in the final!!!! Heidi went in 23rd, swam a best time and is going in 6th tonight. There went the idea of not returning tonight! We also have Taylor, Will, Keegan and Alec in the 800 at the end of the night so it will be great for everyone to go back and cheer. The other kids don't have to get in the pool tonight so they are just there to cheer, that will be a nice break too. If we are lucky, the meet will run long and we can catch a bit of the Eminem concert that is happening 300 metres away!! This place is really hopping, tomorrow there is the Gay Pride parade running just outside our Metro station...let's see if we can catch some of it!
That's all for now, Betty-Ann and I are going to have a little rest before we have to start cooking/shopping/yelling at your kids! Just kidding, they have all been wonderfully thoughtful, considerate and polite.

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