Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today we got the kids to the pool for a swim and so they could have a look at the venue. Luckily, they got a couple of lanes to get themselves a good swim in. After having lunch they rested and then went for walk around and a little shopping, some of them caught a movie. Tonight we are having ribs for dinner and then they will have an early night since some of them have to be at the pool at 7am tomorrow.
The weather has been pretty ridiculous today...the morning was cloudy with very light spits of rain then this afternoon we had torrential rain with thunder and lightning. Betty-Ann and I got stuck in old Montreal for quite awhile waiting for it all to stop. Now it is beautiful and sunny so we are hoping that sticks around. The temperature is very nice too, maybe 20 degrees.
I hope we can still update once the meet starts but I can't guarantee anything!

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