Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just a quick addition for those of you who aren't friends of Island Swimming on Facebook...which you really should be because Andrea updates stuff about our club/swimmers about every 10 minutes so you would never miss a thing.
Here is our team(minus Alec), they are an excellent group of kids and Betty-Ann and I are having a great time watching over them.
I just added a couple more of the group so you can maybe see your child in there somewhere and realize they are actually here, in case I haven't mentioned them specifically in here. I can assure you that we haven't lost any of them yet and they all survived traveling on the subway yesterday with the huge crowds swarming onto the island to see Eminem and whatever other crazy bands were playing.
Just a little sidebar...for those of you in Victoria who think we have a lot of homeless people, come to Montreal, it is unbelievable how many are on the streets and in the subway stations asking for money.
We are now off to shop for more food when the store opens and then to the pool to watch our kids swim. The greatest part about this trip is that Betty-Ann finally gets to see her boys swim at a pool other than SCP, where she is volunteering on deck the whole time! Her boys have both stepped up and are giving her an amazing show, way to go Pages!!

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  1. The updates are terrific Karen! Keep 'em coming...