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20 Questions with Alexa Komarnycky

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Club: Island Swimming/Victoria Academy of Swimming
Coach: Randy Bennett
Age: 22
Height: 5'11
Best Event: 400 Individual Medley & 400 Freestyle

• 2008 Olympian
• finalist at 2010 Commonwealth Games
• finalist at 2010 Pac Pacific Championships
• She is a very talented volleyball player but decided on competitive swimming
• you can follow her on twitter @AlexaSwim5 or facebook Alexa Komarnycky

1) At what age did you start swimming?
I started with public swimming lessons at the Etobicoke Olympium at the age of 4, I joined Etobicoke’s introduction to competitive swimming in Sept of 1995.

2) What was your favorite stroke or event as a 12 & under swimmer?
200 backstroke

3) What is your very first memorable swimming moment?
Being to afraid to dive in for my race during a competition as an intro swimmer, and my grandfather coming on deck to give me a magic donut from Tim Horton’s. IT WORKED!

4) Who is the person you think helped you most along the way?
The best mom in the world!!!

5) Who is your favorite athlete?
Ryan Cochrane

6) What would you be doing if you weren’t a competitive swimmer?
A runway model - the clothes, the make-up, the jewelry , and think I would be good at showing it off!

7) What keeps you motivated day to train hard each day?
The pot of gold at the end of my rainbow.

8) How do you push yourself during a hard workout when you are tired or sore?
Just knowing my competition around the world is working just as hard as I am, makes me want to work even harder and tougher.

9) What is the secret to balancing school and training?
My Secret is swimming now, school later.

10) What is your favourite activity outside of sport?
I like to do outdoor activities. I like communing with nature. Watching sunsets with a latte, hiking with the dog.

11) What is your favourite post-workout snack?
I’m a Tim Horton’s girl; Toasted bagel with cream cheese and chocolate chip muffin. YUMMY.

12) Who is your favourite band/singer?
And Aqua (shh don’t tell anyone!)

13) What is your favourite TV show , movie or both?
TV - Desperate housewives, and really bad reality tv.

14) How do you prepare yourself mentally for a race?
I listen to my favourite song on repeat in the ready room.
In my head I replay the strategy that Randy and I have come up with for the race.

15) Do you have any pre-race rituals?
If I can, I’ll get a manicure before the meet, if not, I always travel with at least 10 colours with me so that I can paint my nails in bright colours, because if you know me, you know I love anything bright!

16) Do you have a favourite pre-meet meal?
I lose my appetite before a meet, so I just focus on making sure I get the right combination of proteins and carbs for my body type.

17) What do you feel is your Career highlight so far?
Swimming a 4:38 in the 400 IM, which is a best time at worlds this past summer, and just missing the top 8 finals by less then half a second.

18) What are your goals for the future in the sport of swimming?
Gold medal at the Olympics, is there any other goal?

19) What is something that most people wouldn’t know about you?
I really like cats and I can play Guitar Hero on "Expert".

20) What advice do you wish someone had given you as a young age group swimmer?
The opportunity to see the world and make friends because of swimming, more than makes up for what you think you may be missing outside of swimming or with non-swimming friends.

If you have any other questions for Alexa, please post them under comments and we will get her to answer them for you.

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