Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2 in Winnipeg - Happy Birthday Monique!

So, I finally have a moment to myself...

Today, we had breakfast around 8am and then headed to the pool for a swim practice.

After lunch we dropped all the kids off at Silver City (Polo Park) to watch a movie "Despicable Me in 3D", where we met up with the non-team travel athletes Jessie M, Peter B and Cassandra. Then Byron and I took off to the airport to pick up Heidi and Christl. They literally jumped in the van and we drove them directly to the movie theatre to join the rest of the team. Miraculously, we got them there just in time to miss all the trailers and they were seated right as the movie started.

After the movie, we headed back to the pool for a second swim practice, then dinner, shaving and then bed. Yes, I did say shaving. This seems to be a common pre-race ritual at this level. I have seen some incriminating photos of certain people shaving certain other people. Perfectly innocent of course...for the good of the team...supporting your teammates...so they swim better tomorrow as they cut through the water with extremely smooth skin...pictures later (if I can get my hands on them before they get deleted).

Oh, and Happy Birthday Monique! It was Monique's birthday today however, we haven't yet celebrated as she went out to dinner with her family.

Well, that pretty much sums up the day. All the kids have been great. They are all so polite and helpful.

Early day tomorrow...wish them luck! Everyone on the team is swimming at least one event, 100 fly, 200 back, 50 breast or 1500 free.

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